Our GOAL is to INSPIRE for consideration and optimization – with the aim to avoid unnecessary waste of resources, whether this is financially, time or environmentally related.

Our AIM is that it happens together with YOU !

SO – here we go

WASTECONTROL is a front-running Danish manufacturing and development IOT – Internet of Things – company, operating with Smart City solutions and with a prime focus on automated waste management systems.

WASTECONTROL has developed
and manufactured a fully automatic waste sensor system

This system now ensures its users
Substantial economical
Large environmental
benefits with reduced
CO2 and NoX emissions
Heavy traffic reductions
Time savings with
control and efficient container
handling and monitoring.

We have combined

our in-depth and direct professional experience

of logistics, from within the waste Industry, together with high-tech know-how within IoT concepts – to enable us to offer our customers and cooperation partners the most optimal container pick-up and surveillance systems on the market.
Basically it’s simple: We want to ensure our cooperation partners optimizations – without compromising on service and delivery.

WASTECONTROL is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is also where our products are being made, using re-cycled and environmentally friendly materials – of course. We are selling the WasteControl system through an international network of distributors.

If you also want to contribute to reduce the unnecessary and extravagant resource consumption which takes place in the waste industry – and at the same time save money – then…..