All data transmissions in the WASTECONTROL system are not only double encrypted, but also flexible, so they are accessible for the end-user without restraint. The WASTECONTROL sensors work and synchronize data with various existing logistic programmes on the market.

​This is a very considerable advantage, as users and road haulage companies are not limited to use one particular logistic programme/-system, and thus split/divide the logistic planning and truck optimization. All haulage companies can use the WASTECONTROL system without changing their existing data and planning programs

Automatic pick-up requests for

each individual and/or group of containers

are submitted to the relevant haulage company, either in request form or through files, which are convertible with the logistic systems used by that specific haulage company.
​Thus, there is a complete and controlled source of data at no extra expense to specific, non-convertible logistic planning systems.

The WASTECONTROL system includes as an extra feature a fully integrated, simple App-based route optimizing guidance system for users without their own, separate logistic programmer.
This flexibility further enhances the application rate and attractive features of the WASTECONTROL system.
​The WASTECONTROL system collects and saves all sensor data, which is readily accessible online as both real-time and as historical data