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Waste sensor or fill-level detector

Regardless of the name, the result is the same:a fully automated and intelligent waste management solution that creates value for both your business and our environment.

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Improved health conditions and environments as a result of reduced NOx values

Redefining Waste Management: WasteControl's sensors create sustainable solutions

WasteControl strives to drive optimization through cutting-edge technology in the form of sensors. We aim to transform the waste industry using fill-level detectors and data, believing that a data-driven approach is key to optimizing and ensuring greener waste management and collection.

Our goal is to reduce unnecessary resource waste, whether it’s economic, temporal or environmental.

Therefore, WasteControl has developed and produced a unique fully automated waste sensor system that provides your business with full insight into your waste management by delivering precise and real-time data on fill levels in your bins and containers. The implementation of sensors:

  • Guarantees significant cost savings 
  • Prevents overflowing containers 
  • Optimizes resources through control functions and efficient container monitoring and management 
  • Enables data-driven decisions in your waste management


is the average savings on collection costs among our customers using our sensor system

Eliminate costs for empty or partially empty container collections

Many customers currently pay for the collection of empty or partially empty containers, or experience overflowing containers. Additionally, many businesses operate on a scheduled basis – however, waste production is never scheduled – which is why with the use of sensors, we can transition from scheduled operations to demand-based operations.


The environmentally friendly, fully automated sensor system for any type of waste.

Technical specifications

WasteControl offers both ultrasonic, radar and optical sensors.


Simple and secure installation in under 1 minute.

Optimization extends beyond the economic aspects - it encompasses a realm of sustainability benefits.

WasteControl is deeply committed to supporting our customers in achieving their waste reduction and diversion goals. We develop and implement innovative waste management solutions that not only increase our customers’ operational efficiency but also have a positive impact on the environment. Our goals extend beyond merely minimizing waste; we also aim to optimize its utilization through recycling and reuse, with the aim of creating a more sustainable future for our customers, our communities, and our planet.

There are several sustainability benefits associated with the use of sensors that deserve particular attention:

  1. CO2 reduction: By integrating sensors/fill level detectors into bins and containers, we can actively contribute to reducing our customers’ CO2 footprint by optimizing waste collection and treatment.

  2. Reduction of heavy traffic: Sensors enable intelligent management of waste collection, leading to optimization of collection routes. This not only improves logistics but also reduces the environmental impact of transportation.

  3. Improved Health Environment: By reducing the amount of NOx emissions often associated with heavy vehicles in urban areas, sensor-based waste management contributes to an improved health environment for the local population.

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