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Waste sensor

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Technical specifications

NB-IoT network

Long range and low power consumption operating in the mobile phone radio spectrum and “piggybacks” on unused GSM channels or vacant space between LTE channels.

LoRa WAN Network

A low-speed, medium-range, and low-power communication protocol. It is an “open source,” allowing anyone to freely implement the protocol themselves and on their own equipment.

*Theoretically, based on 1 transmission/24 hrs in optimal environments
** Re-chargeable
*** Can be exchanged/replaced
****Open landscape without obstructions. Connectivity varies substantially depending on networks and environments/line of sigh

Measurement technologies: Ultrasonic, Radar, and Optical Sensor

WasteControl has developed a wide product range, allowing us to  offer ultrasonic, radar and optical sensors. This enables us to objectively meet your specific and unique needs, as each measurement technology has its own capabilities and limitations:

  • 3-dimensional measurements
  • Measurement distances of 10-200 cm
  • Can measure in dirty, dusty environments
  • Not light-sensitive and measures all types of materials/fractions

  • 1-dimensional measurements
  • Measurement distances of 1-400 cm
  • Can measure in dirty, dusty environments
  • Poor or limited reflections/measurements on multiple fraction types


  • 3-dimensional measurements
  • Measurement distances of 1-300 cm
  • Limited or no measurement in dirty, dusty environments
  • Light-sensitive and measures on almost all materials/fractions (except glass and plastic)
At WasteControl we prioritize data security and only recommend network, where your company can feel secure with fully encrypted data security. We understand the importance of transmission stability and network flexibility at reasonable prices. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages to every network provider. Therefore, we offer our customers various relevant options, thus you can make the best decision that suits your specific needs.

Waste sensor


State-of-the-Art Sensors: Revolutionary measurement techniques for all needs

Our sensors employ advanced ultrasonic or optical measurement techniques with unique flexibility, allowing for precise 3D calibration to accommodate different sizes and types of containers. They are compatible with various networks such as NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, GSM, and WiFi (with a separate router).

The system is manufactured in Denmark with a high degree of environmentally friendly treatment, quality production with ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, and the use of recyclable materials, where possible.

Our primary goal has been to create a system that is not only of high quality and user-friendly, but also offers a wide range of features. This includes flexibility to handle different types of waste and containers, precise 3D measurements, sensor calibration for the specific type of container or plastic bag, long durability and lifespan, and compact design that fits any environmental context – all at an affordable price, guaranteeing savings.

Drawing upon our many years of experience in the waste industry, we have built a comprehensive and unique system that includes:

Sensors that detect residual volumes in all different types of containers or waste bins..

Databases that store and handle encrypted data and consist of an automatic emptying request system that records single-container data, collection times, content levels, and stores historical data on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis. Data can be automatically transferred via API or .json/.csv files to your own backend or web-based platform..

Apps to ensure easy and seamless setup, monitoring and logistics planning.

Fitting instructions


Simple and fast installation

WasteControl sensors are quick and easy to install. Simply follow the four simple steps in the instruction video.


4,5mm drillbor + supplied special fitting bits/tool


SecuFast tamper proof bolts