WASTECONTROL – The environmental friendly,

fully automatic sensor system for waste bins and/or containers of any kind – and in any environment!

​The volume sensor system is used for controlling, optimizing and monitoring all types of containers.
Our sensors use either ultrasonic or optical measuring techniques and they have a unique build-in flexibility, enabling us to calibrate the measurements in 3D to cover various sizes and types of containers. The sensors operate on various networks like NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, GSM or WiFi (with separate router).

The system is “Made in Denmark” with a high degree of environmentally friendly processing, quality production with ISO 9001 and 14001certifications and the use of re-usable materials where possible.

It has been of the ultimate importance to us, to make a system, which is not only of high quality and user-friendly, but also has characteristics like flexibility with both various waste-types and container-types, 3D measurements, sensor calibration to the specific type of container or plast bag, durable, long-lasting life cycle, small and smart enough to be used in all types of environments – and naturally all this at a price where you are sure to save money.

waste sensor

SO – we have used our experience from many years in the waste-business – and developed a complete and unique system consisting of:

which registers the volume level in various types of containers and/or bins
store and handle encrypted data and consists of an automatic pick-up request system, registering single container data, pick-up times, content level and stored historical data on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis. Data can be automatically transferred through API or .jason/.csv files to your own backend or web based platform
for easy set-up, monitoring
and planning of logistics

Sensor setup APP (iOS & Android)

waste sensor system app

Logistic APP (iOS & Android)